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"What a perfect afternoon with friends aboard a stunning catamaran taking in the sights, sounds and history of Salt Pond to the Pt. Judith lighthouse and beyond.  Captain and crew made us feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Can’t wait to go again!"


--Lisa Munkelwitz

"We had the pleasure of embarking on an afternoon cruise with a few of my friends hosted by Don and Lesli of SeaEscape Charters, and it was an experience that left me thoroughly impressed.  From the moment we stepped aboard, we were welcomed with warm hospitality and genuine smiles, setting the tone for what turned out to be an exceptional journey.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect, and Don and Lesli's expertise ensured that we navigated the waters with ease and confidence. They prioritized safety above all else, carefully briefing us on safety protocols before we set sail. This attention to detail instantly put our minds at ease, allowing us to fully embrace the adventure ahead.

The cruise itself was a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Don and Lesli created a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere, making us feel like old friends rather than mere passengers.  They were attentive to our needs throughout the trip, ensuring that everyone had a memorable and enjoyable experience.  The breathtaking views of the coastline were complemented by their insightful commentary about the area, enriching the entire journey. It was evident that they not only had a deep love for what they do but also genuinely cared about the well-being of their guests. This sense of security allowed us to let go of any worries and completely immerse ourselves in the moment.


SeaEscape Charters provided a top-notch sailing experience, combining great hospitality, stunning scenery, and a strong focus on safety.  It's an excursion I would eagerly recommend to anyone seeking an unforgettable nautical adventure with friends and family,"


--Barbara C. George


"My husband and I along with friends had the pleasure of taking an Evening Cruise with SeaEscape Charters.  From the minute we arrived at the dock Captain (Don) and his wife Lesli made us feel so welcome.  The instructions and guidance they provided before departing included safety precautions as well pointing out features of the boat that would make our Evening Cruise as enjoyable as possible.  We loved watching the sunset as we comfortably cruised along enjoying cocktails on the bow of the boat.   We had a fantastic time and a perfect evening.   Also, the Booking process with SeaEscape Charters was timely, informative, and professional. It was a pleasure to deal with them throughout the entire process.   Five Stars all the way!"

--Dawn Lunn

"My husband and I truly enjoyed our Cruise with SeaEscape Charters.  The scenery was beautiful, the boat was just lovely, it was truly a very enjoyable evening.  For someone that has a fear of water, committing to this Evening Cruise with our friends was a very big hurdle for me to overcome.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!! I was comfortable and felt very secure being out on the ocean onboard “Salt Pondering”.  The Crew's time and effort to review safety procedures and point out all the wonderful landmarks and history was remarkable.  The entire two hours was a pleasure. Thank you once again!"


--Geri Bouchard

"My recent journey with SeaEscape Charters was nothing short of phenomenal, they provide an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Cruising through the tranquil waters of Pt Judith Pond, out through the breachway, and around the beautiful Pt Judith lighthouse, our cruise with them offered scenic beauty that leaves one utterly spellbound.

The catamaran was captained by the ever-capable Don and assisted by his charming wife Lesli. Not only did they display expert boating skills through the waters, but their knowledge of local history made the overall trip rich and enlightening. Lesli offered historical insights about the Galilee fishing port and surrounding areas, making the day educational as well as enjoyable.  It was the perfect cruise for our group of friends and family. 

Safety protocols implemented by SeaEscape Charters were top-notch. Throughout our cruise, we felt secure and well-cared for.  Given that it is a catamaran - it handled any waves we encountered much better than a typical monohull would have.  

Don and Lesli stood out as more than just our tour guides—they were our friends. Their genuine warmth, infectious enthusiasm, and unrivalled passion for the ocean truly embodied the spirit of SeaEscape Charters and added immeasurable value to our experience.

SeaEscape Charters, with its beautiful catamaran and heartfelt service, delivered a cruise unlike any other. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to book a tour with them—it promises to be an unforgettable experience."

--Dave Brown

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